S Janfaza, M Banan Nojavani, B Khorsand, M Nikkhah… – Database, 2017

Sajjad Janfaza, Maryam Banan Nojavani, Babak Khorsand, Maryam Nikkhah, Javad Zahiri
Publication date
Oxford University Press
Here, we present Cancer Odor Database (COD), a web-based database comprising comprehensive information of volatile organic metabolites of cancer (VOMC), known as cancer odor, which gives a structured overview of VOMCs that are of critical importance in cancer research. The database contains more than 1300 records with 19 critical features for each record, such as structural and chemical properties (eg boiling point, molecular formula and molecular weight) of 450 different VOMCs and their origins, which can be used effectively to identify correlations between VOMCs and various types of cancer. COD database has been constructed based on the data that were directly extracted from literature. COD information can be helpful for cancer researches, especially for those who are developing sensors and electronic nose systems for cancer detection. COD is freely available for non-commercial purposes …

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