R Mohammadi, JF Mehrabadi, G Bidkhori, J Zahiri, MJ Niroomand, …Molecular BioSystems

Reza Mohammadi, Jalil Fallah Mehrabadi, Gholamreza Bidkhori, Javad Zahiri, Mohammad Javad Niroomand, Ali Masoudi-Nejad
Publication date
Molecular BioSystems
Royal Society of Chemistry
Production of biofuels has been one of promising efforts in biotechnology in past decades.
The perspective of these efforts can be reduction of increasingly demands for fossil fuels and
consequently reducing environmental pollution. Nonetheless, most previous approaches did
not succeed to obviate many big challenges in this way. In recent years systems biology by
help of microorganisms is trying to overcome these challenges. Unicellular cyanobacteria
are widespread phototrophic microorganisms that have capabilities like consume solar
6773 Responses to A Systems Biology Approach to Reconcile Metabolic Network Models with Application to Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 for Biofuel Production